Municipal police savor night training exercises taught by Israeli foreign security experts. They said it was the first type of training like this (live fire inside houses) they had ever experienced.
Traditional midwife María Lopez Gonzalez, otherwise known as “Doña Mari, massages the abdomen of her patient Rosita Gonzalez Lopez, 22. Doña Mari says she can adjust the fetus so that the head will be in the correct position for the birth. If she feels that something is wrong during the pregnancy she takes her patients to a nearby government health clinic because she does not want to be blamed for any accidents. Rosita has never been to a hospital in her life, and for this birth (her third child), she asked Doña Mari to be her midwife.
Sergio Castro (L) makes a house call to a terminally ill resident in San Cristobal de Las Casas in Mexico’s Chiapas state. The patient and his family are among many who trust Castro (known as “Don Sergio”) more than they do public hospitals. Castro previously treated predominantly burn victims from rural Mayan communities, but his reputation followed him to the city where families seek him out to treat any type of wound, including bedsores and diabetes ulcers.