Girls take part in a parade around the city of Izamal marking Mexico's Day of the Revolution. City officials have been lobbying for nearly a decade to have Izamal inscribed as a Unesco World Heritaqe site. They hope the inscription will help bring investment for preservation of the town's many colonial structures and Mayan ruins and also foster important economic development.
Fishermen bring in their catch in Chocohuital, Chiapas, a tiny community that made world news in 2014 when one of the town's residents, Jose Salvador Alvarenga, appeared in the Marshall Islands, alive, after surviving 13 months at sea. He departed from Chocohuital in November 2012 with a friend for a one-day expedition to catch sharks. They were blown off-course by northerly winds, caught in a storm, and then lost use of their engines.
An outing in an ultralight plane provides spectacular closeup views of the stunning beaches near Todos Santos in Baja California Sur, Mexico.