A transgender actress prepares backstage before performing in the early morning at Club Histeria, a large club that caters to Mexico City's LGBT community. In 2009, Mexico City's government legalized same sex marriage, proudly claiming that the metropolis is the most liberal city in Latin America.
Santa Muerte Cult in Mexico
Holding onto Santa Muerte (Saint Death) statuea in an expression of devotion, worshippers listen and pray during a midnight Rosary service attended by over a thousand devotees one of the most famous Santa Muerte shrines, started in 2001 by Enriqueta Romero in Mexico City’s Tepito barrio. (Photo made on 01/11/15 - Mexico City, Mexico).
A worker at Vegpacker de Mexico returns to his village on a company bus after harvesting vegetables al day. California producer Steve Scaroni started Vegpacker when he moved some of his company’s operations to Mexico in 2006. Management runs the Mexico farms in the same way it does in the US, using modern technology and emphasizing strict food safety measures. Most of the produce is exported to the U.S.
Novelist Mario Bellatin surrounds himself with his dogs, at his Mexico City office in August 2009. Bellatin is a Mexican writer who has had a tremendous amount of buzz in the Spanish-speaking world in recent years. In a score of novellas written since 1985 he has not only toyed with the expectations of readers and critics but also bent language, plot and structure to suit his own mysterious purposes, in ways often as unsettling as they are baffling.
Mihaly Basci, 84, visits his son's home in Nyritelek, Hungary. Basci is a Roma Gypsy. Historical patterns of prejudice and discrimination have long isolated Roma communities. The socio-economic conditions of the Roma in Hungary are among the worst conditions facing any ethnic group in Europe.
As dusk falls, armed young men who are members of auto defense groups in Mexico's Michoacan state operate checkpoints along an isolated part of the state's Tierra Caliente zone, where the groups have recently taken over numerous small villages in their fight to push out the criminals which they claim have threatened their families and their livelihoods for more than a decade. Since they became organized under the leadership of Dr. José Manuel Mireles last February, auto defense  groups have seized control of nearly 70 villages and hamlets, their end goal being to drive organized crime groups out of the state. Auto defense groups are proliferating throughout Mexico.
Coffee Crisis
Narcisso Reyes Gutierrez proudly inhales the aroma of his own coffee beans, before passing them on for inspection at a cooperative office near his farm. Reyes is a member of a Nicaraguan cooperative named Las Brumas, well known for producing some of the country's highest quality coffee. Farmers belonging to Las Brumas have benefited from the price premium placed on organic Fair Trade coffee and have used these funds to build a school in their community and to improve roads.
Tamaulipas, Mexico, 1996 – Marisol daydreams at dusk while anticipating the arrival of more garbage trucks at the municipal garbage site where she and siblings search for recyclable items to support their family’s income.