Josh Letchworth

I’m 40

I’ve got 3 kids

I traveled to nearly ever corner of the globe with my camera.

I’m a Florida native.

I like to be outside…all the time.

I spend a lot of time in the water…with and without my camera.

I fish, I surf and I do yoga

And lots of other things.

My wife thinks I have too many hobbies.

I still prefer to shoot film.

I’m hardly ever satisfied artistically…I always think it could be better

I shoot a lot of photos of my kids. And my friends.

My middle daughter is 10 and she has a fashion blog. I’m the lucky photographer.

I like to smile and make people smile.

Sunsets are pretty.

I’m sensitive…but I’m getting better at it

I like to be in the moment and capture that moment simultaneously

I’m good at connecting with people

I’m a coffee snob.

I like getting up early before everyone else does.

Josh Letchworth