Ruddy Roye / New York, United States of America

Radcliffe Roye is a Brooklyn-based documentary photographer specializing in editorial and environmental portraits, and photojournalism. A photographer with over 13 years of experience, Radcliffe is inspired by the raw and gritty lives of grassroots people, especially those of his homeland of Jamaica. Radcliffe strives to tell the stories of their victories and illsby bringing their voices to a metallic paper. Radcliffe has worked with magazines like TIME, National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Vogue, Jet, Ebony, and Essence and has also worked with local newspapers like The New York Times and New York Newsday. Radcliffe honed his skill as a photojournalist byworking asan Associated Press stringer in New York covering journalism events. Radcliffe has also been instrumental in leading the Instagram charge as a photographer showcasing his interest in his community of Bed-Stuy and Brooklyn as a whole. Named "TIME Magazine Instagram photographer of the year 2016," the images he portrays inhis “When Living is a Protest” series has been the talking point of numerous forums on Instagram. He was asked to take over the New Yorker Instagram feed when Hurricane Sandy ravaged the eastern shores in October 2012. Since then, Radcliffe has been asked by Annenberg Space ofPhotography, New Orleans PhotoNola, Look3, New York University, and Columbia University tolecture to photography students on the rise of photography on Instagram and the changing face of photojournalism. Radcliffe’s work is widely sought after for exhibitions all over the world. Most recently, his series was showcased at the Steven Kasher Gallery and the Half King in Manhattan. He has traveled as far as the University of Sulaimani in Kurdistan to talk about his and he recently presented his work at The Image Deconstructed Workshop in North Carolina.