NETHERLANDS: // Cream cakes and paper chains, The Netherlands in a hundred birthdays // The 7th birthday of Sofie de Loo, celebrated in Oterleek, The Netherlands. Sofie's parents hired a party planner, from My Greatest Party. They specifically plan birthday parties for kids. The theme of the party was Marie-Antoinette. ILVY NJIOKIKTJIEN
In the Igaw village of Oporoza three of the nine MEND fighters that were recently killed in a military ambush are laid to rest. MEND (Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta) members had just negotiated the release of a Shell worker taken hostage and while on the way back through the creeks to deliver the worker to freedom, Nigerian military boats ambushed them and killed all nine as well as the Shell worker.Armed militants with MEND make a show of arms in support of their fallen comrades deep in the swamps of the Niger Delta.24 x 30
CAPE TOWN, MANENBERG, SOUTH AFRICA - Natalie de Wee (18), wo grew up in the gangster ridden area Manenberg in South Africa, saved up money for several months together with her parents to be able to afford to buy the 200 dollar dress. The upcoming years she will be renting out the dress to other girls graduating high school and having their proms. ILVY NJIOKIKTJIEN
The Aetas of Mount Pinatubo
Aetas perform penitence. On Good Friday, Aetas who have converted to Christianity, perform penitence and enact the "stations of the cross", through the resettlement communities of Planas and Porac, Pampanga.
***NO NAMES TO BE USED***Family and friends gather for the funeral procession and burial of a former sugar cane worker, 36, who died of Chronic Kidney Disease of unknown origin (CKDu), after working in the sugar cane fields for 12 years in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua on Jan. 7, 2013. He is part of a steady procession of deaths among the cane workers in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua.
Afghani boy sitting on the edge of swimming pool in Kabul on Oct. 12, 2006. Large swimming pool was built by Russians on one of the numerous hills overlooking Kabul and during the fighting against Russians and later between different Mujaheedin fractions it was used as artillery position and heavily damaged. People come here in afternoon to escape city dust and terrible traffic and to contemplate.
Agent Orange
Nguyen Thi Ly, 9, who suffers from Agent Orange disabilities, in her home in Ngu Hanh Son district of Da Nang, Vietnam on July 9, 2010.
Scenes in Oloibiri Town, Niger Delta
An oil spill from an abandoned Shell Petroleum Development Company well in Oloibiri, Niger Delta. Wellhead 14 was closed in 1977 but has been leaking for years, and in June of 2004 it finally released an oil spill of over 20,000 barrels of crude. Workers subcontracted by Shell Oil Company clean it up.24.25 x 30
Teenagers from the Godparents Youth Organization relax at the pool after traveling straight for 24 hours by bus on a tour of African American heritage sites.
Iowa Caucuses
Iowa Caucuses for M le magazine du Monde. Trump and Sanders campaign in Iowa.
Refugees arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos.
Refugees arrive on the Greek island of Lesbos.
Panama Elections 1989
A supporter of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega attacks elected Vice President Guillermo (Billy) Ford in Panama City.
DRC - ICRC 2009
Orphaned and lost children spontaneously dance and sing in the rain at the Center Covedec in Goma, North Kivu province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
A 12 year old Tajik boy who has TB and his family at home. The boy is being treated by MSF staff outside of the capital.
The Real Gossip Girls
Rebecca stands outside of an upscale restaurant on Manhattan's Upper East Side, New York, N.Y., March 12, 2011.
Wounded anti President Hosni Mubarak protestors are attended to at a makeshift clinic as Egyptians fought against each other in Tahir Square.
El Salvador Gangs
Suspected gang members, some wanted for murder, are presented to members of the media by the National Police in San Salvador.
Refugee Crisis in Europe
Volunteers help refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan as they arrive on the island of Lesvos, Greece
Ze Peixe
Ze Peixe looks out at the Sergipe River just outside his home in Aracuju. He has never used moisturizer or any sort of sun protection on his skin.Jose Martins Ribeiro Nunes, age 74, also known as Ze Peixe or "the fish," is Brazil's most famous boat pilot. He guides ships into and out of the port in a unique way: by swimming approximatley 10 to 12 km. This simple man, who has never worn shoes and lives for the sea, is a living folk hero.
WAU, SOUTH SUDAN - MARCH 2017: John Francis (12), poses with a mask in the IDP camp in Wau, Western Bahr-el-Gazal, South Sudan. ILVY NJIOKIKTJIEN
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
Sadie with deer head, Iowa City, Iowa.
SDL - Blindness
A patient receives an examination during an ophthalmologist visit at the Virunga Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo in July 2005. There are over 45 million people who suffer from blindness and 135 million visually impaired people worldwide.
China, 2012. Like most other parts of rural China, Dongling village is almost bereft of young people who leave to become migrant workers in the cities and towns, leaving the old and young behind. Here, a young woman waits for the bus at a junction along the main road. Anhui is among the largest exporters of migrant labour in China.
Afghanistan 2001
Burqas dry outside on a street in Kabul.
The Northwestern High School dance team performs during half time of the first football game of the season. As the population of Flint declines so does school enrollment. It’s gotten to the point that the city is considering consolidating all the remaining students into one high school.
Burma, 2012. A girl on Rangoon's docks seems to carry within her the tentative hopes for change at that historic juncture in then military-ruled Burma, just about to hold elections contested by the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Is change real this time? What impact will globalisation bring? Those were the questions on my Burmese friends' minds at the time when I shot this interpretive personal essay.
China, 2014. Jing Ranming, 18, cross-talk performer, actor, from Liaoning, Jing Ranming is the stand-up comedian equivalent of a child athlete. Since he was eight, the 18-year-old has been groomed to excel at "cross-talk," a kind of Abbott-and-Costello jibe and counter-jibe that is especially famous in Beijing. His family lives in China's northeast, and Jing came in 2011 to see if he could land work--to make it big. He's been in Beijing off and on since then, cutting costs by living below ground. "I don’t plan to stay in Beijing for long. It’s too depressing to live in Beijing. I’m not depressed living underground, I’m more anxious when I’m outside, above ground. Beijing is so crowded! And so noisy and so polluted. "What’s my dream? My dream is to be huo, to be famous. Everyday after acting for a film, I will swipe my credit card and I will go home to my big villa, driving back in my 2 million rmb big Bentley, I will walk my Tibetan Mastiff dog, marry a foreign woman, a blonde pretty woman. In the winter, we will go to Sanya or Thailand, bask in the sun, come back to China in the summer. Our wedding will be grand, it will be on a beach. In my dreams this is how it is. I live in a basement now, I must dream this sort of dream! "How to get there? Work hard. There is no other way."
Northwestern Prom 2016
Right: Tonea Mckneal (17) Left: Tamereus Kent (19) Northwestern High School Prom. Flint, Michigan. May 2016.
Death in Detroit
God + War, Detroit, Michigan.Detroit (for decades this nation’s symbol of economic might) is now ‘the’ example of America’s social failure. Once the auto capital of the world, Detroit has been crumbling for decades. Abandoned plants litter the city, monuments to lost manufacturing and prosperous times long past. Today, Detroit is America’s poorest large city. To avoid being the nation’s perpetual murder capital, the police began cooking stats. In 2008, they claimed 306 homicides – until reporter Charlie LeDuff discovered there were actually 375. Detroit’s east side is now the poorest, most violent quarter of America’s poorest, most violent big city. The illiteracy, child poverty, and unemployment rates hover around 50 percent. The shooting death of seven-year-old Aiyana Mo’nay Stanley-Jones by police on Detroit’s east side brought national attention to his quarter. As the spotlight faded, the killings continued, a reality that plays out with far too much familiarity on the forgotten streets of Detroit.
Till Death Do Us Part
Cox's family farmhouse (abandoned), near Hamlet, Hayes County, Nebraska. Hayes County has lost 73% of its population since 1930. (2016)
Castaways of the Marshall Islands
A child looks through the window frame of a partially destroyed abandoned home on the Pacific shore of Ebeye, Marshall Islands. Over 12,000 people live on the tiny overcrowded island of 36 hectares. The islanders relocated to Ebeye from their original homes because the U.S. military leases those areas for ballistic missile testing. Other current residents of Ebeye moved from islands which were contaminated by U.S. nuclear bomb tests. Infrastructure, housing and sanitation on Ebeye are deplorable.
Iraq, Mid 2004
Coalition of the not-so-willing, Karbala, Iraq, 2004
Jamaican preacher in Bath, England.
Gleason's Gym
Gleason's Gym
Faith: Catholicism in Poland
A young boy is plays at his grandmother's stand with devotional items in front of parish of Szczury, Poland.
Joey calls to someone knocking at his bedroom door before letting them in.
Joey calls to someone knocking at his bedroom door before letting them in.
Behind the Curtains of 21st Century Communism
Behind the Curtains series — An all girls group of Young Communist League members walks past a statue of Chairman Mao Zedong in front of the Yan'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall in Yan'an, China. Yan'an is promoted as the "Revolutionary Holy Land" and offers a number of museums, monuments and other "Red Tourism" sites supported by the Chinese government.
A rebel soldier jumps off Colonel Qaddafi's famous statue at his former Bab al-Aziziya compound.
SDL - Southern Sudan
A young women is seen in a landfill, where she lives in Juba, Central Equatoria, southern Sudan on Nov. 5, 2010. A project for a increasing the quality of the security and pollution standards, supported by the Italian NGO CESVI.
SADDAM CITY, BAGHDAD, IRAQ - APRIL 2003: Little Mohamed was born on the day when coalition forces entered Baghdad. Two months after on 21.5.2003 he was shot dead in his aunt's hands by a bullet that went through thiny muddy walls of their house. Aunt was also wounded but survived. They couldn't tell which direction bullet came from. I arrived when they washed little body and prepared it for funeral so I followed father and mother on their way to the cemetary. Saddam City is a part of Iraqi capital Baghdad, some 20min. from city center. It has been established in late fifties as a home for poor Shiites population coming to Baghdad from south of Iraq. In atempt to keep them out of urban core of the city. After Saddam took over power he named it by himself as a sign of affection to Shiites population. At the same time this part of town is without streets, regular water supplying, sewage system,electricity. Most of them suffer from diarhea and other water quality related illnesses. Many of it's inhabitants were imprisoned and tortured by the Regime. It is home for between 1-2 milion Shiites Muslim. It is impossible to find exact numbers. In a bizzare way their situation is actually getting worse after the fall of saddam hussein. chaos and anarchy are rulling this part of town, a lot of guns left over Fedayins and Republican guard have been stolen from military compounds. Most of looted things end here in Saddam City. (photo by Ziyah Gafic/Exclusive by Getty Images)