Spencer Heyfron

Born and raised in England, Spencer relocated to New York City to pursue a career in photography fifteen years ago. He has for a variety of publications produced portraits of actors, politicians,business people, artists, choreographers,chefs, designers, professional athletes withhis portrait of Will Arnett winning him a place in American Photography 27. Warm praise from celebrity subjects have included “Who’s the F**king Lumberjack” from Rahm Emmanuel, “Thats some f**king beard” from Broadway legend Patti Lupone, and “F**k man, you’re quick” from Samuel L. Jackson. Indeed something in Spencers persona relaxes people enough to casually drop the F bomb even when film cameras are rolling. His highly personable style was solidified when he took over the ‘Look Book’ for New York magazine, shooting random stylish new Yorkers for the influential column. Future projects include his first short film, and the publication of his first book which will feature work from The New York Look Book. Spare time consists of two kids, a missus, the constantly in-rotation back catalogue of Morrissey and The Smiths, and the constant struggle to have the time to see a movie from beginning to end.