A Tibetan girl passes through near Potala Palace, the icon of Tibet, where Dalai Lama has been absent for more than half century.
A small girl plays inside a big balloon on the pond in Labor Park, in Dalian, Liaoning province, in China's North East or Manchuria, as the region faces an uneasy economic boom, creating more materialistic culture and economic gap.China's North East was once called Manchuria. The region was at a crossroads that was manipulated in history, including the occupation by Russia and Japan. And now the area is facing upheavals due to the globalization with China’s rapid economic growth itself, creating the gap between the rich and the poor and even more unemployment and worrying for the future.
A small Tibetan pilgrim at Pal Cho Monastery. Gyantse, Tibet.
A small Tibetan pilgrim at Pal Cho Monastery. Gyantse, Tibet.
26 years old mother Heba Fareed Abu Jama'a and her daughter Moha Hussein, 2 years and 3 months, pose at their destroyed house due to Israeli attack during the summer's 50 day war between Hamas. Since there is no space to move, or too expensive to do so, they have to live at a tent next to the house, with 8 other persons. Al-Zana'a in Khan Yunis, Gaza, Oct 08, 2014.
Refugees arrive in Lesbos island, Greece, after succeeding the often very dangerous ocean trip between Turkey and the island, by rubber boat, or raft. Yet this island is just a starting point for the further long ordeal. Most refugees are Syrians, Iraqis, and Afghans who would like to go to Germany or Sweden or any country which could accept them. The crisis is far from over. Everyday, this island alone, several thousand refugees arrive. The help is still absolutely lacking.