Aoleang festival
Aoleang festival
WHO mHealth D-Tree eNUT program to prevent early childhood malnutritionNorth A district, Unguja, Zanzibar Chaani Kubwa Primary Health Care UnitMothers bring their children in for examination, where they are weighed and measured against standards, the data is collected via smartphone into the eNUT system, and recommendations are made by the health workers.This is the full process as described by Julia Ruben of D-Tree:The children are screened (weight, MUAC etc.) and registered if they are severely malnourished. They are given physical exam and appetite test. If there are major issues in either they are referred to higher level care (in-patient intervention). If not they are counseled and treated (plumpy’nut, vitamin a, etc.); they come back weekly or biweekly for examination and treatment. When they reach their target weight they are discharged as cured. At any time if complications arise they will be referred to inpatient; if they take a really long time to reach their target weight or they lose weight they will also be referred. If they stop showing up for appointments they are discharged (but not as cured -as a defaulter). If they are referred and discharged from inpatient they should come back to out patient and be re-enrolled.Health care workers are the woman in all white and the woman with a bright orange and green shawl.
WHO mHealth Changamka Microhealth maternal health voucher payment program.Changamka is running a research project on providing rural women with e-vouchers for professional maternal and infant healthcare as well as transport to health facilities, with the plan of expanding to a full micro health insurance system that will lower Kenya's high rates of maternal and infant deaths during pregnancy and childbirth.Mbale Rural Training Health CentreMothers and newborn babies in the post natal ward.
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Shenzhen, 2010. A one room home in one of Shenzhen's many urban villages, where migrants gather and, instead of returning to the countryside, seek to settle.