Finnish school building from the French Lake area of Minnesota. ( This corner is called Temperance Corner. It's located 3 miles north of Cokato, MN. ) This was an early Finnish and Saami) settlement. The name of the corner comes from the temperance hall (built during the temperance movement), located kiddie corner from this school. This is the third building on that site. The first was built in 1893, and burned down in 1921. This one was built in 1899, west of French Lake, MN, and was moved to that location about 10 years ago.
Yakama Nation has more than 10,000 head count of wild horses on 400,000 acres of range land. this is more than 10 times the sustainable number. This effect perennial lodge grass, food and medicinal foliage for the tribe as well the marine life. It also causes competition for other animals which the tribe uses for food such as elk and are being worked on by the Yakama tribe as well as the tribal horse coalition which includes 7 other tribes which have the same problem on their reservations.Here we see the wild horses on tribal range land where much of the soil has turned to dust. It is said to see so many horses together would be completely unnatural.You can find many horse remains due to starvation or predators.Jim Stephenson Big Game Biologist Yakama Nation Wildlife Program (509) 949-2189
Pumpkin patch on the side of the road heading west from the Twin Cities when i was out for a ride with Garrison.Garrison Keillor
View of the Mississippi near Main street, view of the dam and the Stone Arch Bridge.
Homemade broomball/ice rink in Anoka, Minnesota.Rink at the home of Aaron Davis. Anoka, Minnesota 612 816 6744
Views from Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis.
Views from Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis.