Andrey Tikalov from the village of Laikovo, showing his trophy from the banks of the Izhma river. Helping hitch our boat to the only functioning truck in the village, Andrey and his family speak with great pride about his eight-grader daughter. "Valya knows how to fish all by herself! She's been able to drive since she was ten! " He pauses, considering his next remark carefully. "It's America against Russia, they say on television. If the Americans really put the screws to us, we'll all end up living like we did in the 19th century. Those who can live on their own will be the ones to survive. It will be tough. My daughter will make it."
A family, Olga and Alexey Sergeev is pictured in a former Soviet river dispatching office i Ust-Vologodskoye. Alexey is a worker at local businessman Alexander Zheltov's (an owner of local river fleet and ports) company