Denis Sinyakov

Denis Sinyakov, 1977, Moscow based freelance photographer/videographer.

His photography experience includes four years at Agence France Press (2003-2007) and five years at Reuters (2007-2012), both in Moscow, and nearly three years of freelance work as a photographer and a videographer.

He’s been working for Der Spiegel magazine, Helsingin Sanomat, Liberation, Newsweek, Sunday Times, CNN, Al Jazeera, GEO, TV Rain, Meduza Project and Greenpeace Int.

For a long time he has been paying special attention to social and environmental issues with a focus on former Soviet republics and Russia.

On Sept 19th 2013, together with 28 crew members of Greenpeace ship of “Arctic Sunrise” he was captured by Russian Federal Security Service agents in an international waters where he covered protest action against oil exploration in the Arctic and spent two months in prisons in Murmansk and then in Saint Petersburg. He, along with another journalist and 28 Greenpeace activists has been accused of piracy and then of hooliganism. On Dec 24th 2013 Russia has granted amnesty to all 30 hostages from the Arctic Sunrise icebreaker.

Denis Sinyakov