Myanmar Stock Photography by Justin Mott
A group of monks tour the Shwedagon Pagoda (English transition Great Dragon Pagoda in Yangon. Shwedagon is a huge tourist attraction both for tourist and locals. .
Bagan, located in central Myanmar, has over 2000 temples and pagodas and is a popular tourist destination.
Authenticity in Myanmar
A portrait of a novice monk on his way to collect offerings near Bagan, Myanmar.
Japan Photo Clinic 2016 Photos by Justin Mott/Mott Visuals All Images Copyright Justin Mott 2016
Vietnam Stock Photography
A boat tour in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.
Myanmar Stock Photography by Justin Mott
Burmese monks in Bagan, Myanmar.
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Why did you choose to take this shot? I was doing a story on Palm oil for the New York Times and I absolutely loved the color contrast between the green and the red. What story does it tell? This tells the story of an everyday farmer working in the fields and it show the hard work that goes into supplying the world with food. Why is it so special to you? This was my first major assignment for the New York Times and it was my first assignment ever in Malaysia. I got the front page for this shot and it truly jumpstarted my career as a photographer.
36 Hours Luang Prabang, Laos
Nathan Yee and Kate Goethe both from Boston ride elephants in the Nam Khan river and through a small village as part of a tour at the Elephant Village.
Why did you choose to take this shot? My client was a giant resort chain, Intercontinental Hotels and Resorts. They hired me to showcase their stunning resort in Vietnam in a way it hasn't been seen before. The general manager told me to stay within the them of myth meets luxury. What story does it tell? This image tells the story of what you would see beyond just your hotel room or the poo. I wanted to take their viewers outside the hotel and leave a little bit to the imagination. Why is it so special to you? This isn't your typical resort photo, I love that they trusted me to be creative and to break the mold for what a hotel photo should look like.
Hanoi 1000 Year Anniversary
Vietnam national flags decorate the homes and shops of Hanoi's old quarter in celebration of the capital city's 1000 year anniversary.
Why did you choose to take this shot? I took this portrait on an assignment for an NGO. The NGO was assisting in building new roads in northern Vietnam connecting remote ethnic minority villages to larger cities creating access to healthcare and better education. This girl could now travel easier to school and had access to the outside world. What story does it tell? I wanted to show the people effected by the new development and humanize them. They aren't just a statistic, they are real people who benefit from safer and more accessible roads. Why is it so special to you? This image is special to me because the girl in the picture was living a better life because of the work of an NGO. I love telling stories for NGO's and people making a difference.How can photography help you to look at the world differently or to start noticing things around you?
VIETNAM Party Congress
A view of a slum neigboborhood along the railroad tracks in Hanoi, Vietnam. The country's economy is still growing at 7 percent, but double-digit price increases of food and other essentials are punishing the working class.
Art Story Vietnam
A man fishes on West Lake near the Thang Loi hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Justin Mott/Redux Pictures
Why did you choose to take this shot? The patterns really jumped at me and the color was great too. What story does it tell? The image shows the beauty in every day things. Why is it so special to you? This image is special to me because of the composition was so cool.