Denis Sinyakov

Location: Moscow, Russia - Europe
Clients: Der Spiegel, Russian Reporter, ProSport., Greenpeace International.

Denis Sinyakov, a Moscow-based Russian photographer has previously worked as a photo editor and a staff photographer at Agence France-Presse (2004-2007) and Reuters (2007- July 2012).
During his time at the agencies he covered numerous domestic and international news events and features stories including the Andijan massacre in Uzbekistan (2005), Israeli-Lebanese war (2006), Turkish-Kurdish tensions (2007), Russian-Georgian war (2008), and ISAF in Afghanistan (2010, 2011) to name a few. 
He has spent a lot of time traveling between Moscow, the Russian Arctic, and former Soviet Republics.
As a freelance photographer Denis would like to concentrate his work doing stories on the environment, human rights, politics and the economy.